Even your cat needs to rock some Siler Sisters! These tags are literally so cute and eye-catching! Have you ever seen a name tag this pretty ????


NAME: Put in the custom text box. Only 8 characters can fit on one row, so if you put more than 8, know that they will be split up on two lines and there won't be room for many more add-ins


As far as the color scheme/theme, we will make something adorable within the color scheme/theme with glitter, flowers, and/or resin fillers. If you want something special, list it in the custom text box. Tell us what you want! Unless specified otherwise, these will be at random, but within the requested color scheme or theme.  (If you want one of the ones pictured, list "Leaves" for the Left or "Fall" for the Right.


Dimensions are about 1"x1". 

Customizable Cat Tags